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George Christensen revives diplomatic spat with threat to summons Chinese ambassador

Coalition backbencher wants to know why ambassador threatened a trade boycott after Australia called for international inquiry into coronavirus * Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus email * Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news notifications Diplomatic tensions between Australia and China may be reignited with an extraordinary threat by a Coalition backbencher to summons the Chinese ambassador to answer questions from a parliamentary committee. While the attempt to compel the ambassador to appear at a hearing in Canberra is almost certain to fail because of diplomatic immunity, the push interrupts a pause in public sparring between the two governments over the response to Covid-19. Continue reading...

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Iraq appoints new prime minister after months of protests and jockeying

Intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kadhimi is regarded as being acceptable to both US and Iran Iraqi lawmakers have approved a new prime minister and government after six months without one as parties squabbled until the last minute over cabinet seats in backroom deals. The new prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraq’s intelligence chief and a former journalist, will head the new government. He will begin his term without a full cabinet, however, after several ministerial candidates were rejected. Continue reading...

GM investors want to know how much more coronavirus pain remains

Investors want to know what kind of economic hit General Motors Co expects from the coronavirus pandemic as it moves forward, whether it needs to raise further cash and when North American vehicle production will resume when it reports first-quarter results on Wednesday.

Venezuela detains two Americans allegedly involved in failed raid to remove Maduro

President Nicolas Maduro claims men were among 13 ‘terrorists’ involved in plot to enter country via the coast and oust him Venezuelan authorities have detained two US citizens allegedly working with a US military veteran who has claimed responsibility for a failed armed incursion into the oil-producing country, President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday. In a state television address, Maduro said authorities arrested 13 “terrorists” on Monday allegedly involved in a plot he said was coordinated with Washington to enter the South American country via the Caribbean coast and oust him. Continue reading...